Víctor Jaenada - text

Gery Van Tendeloo
Kortrijk, November 2012.

In my career as a curator and artistic coach, working to give good artists a forum in which to exhibit, I have seldom met an artist as exceptional as Viktor. I have to admit that I have, as of yet, been unable to bring his installation art to either Kortrijk or Berlin, but I won’t give up for the following reasons. Viktor Jaenada is very radical in his art and in the message his images transmit, which frighten those who organize exhibits and aim to please visitors, a totally misguided statement that is, nevertheless, very real in this time of uncertainty and crisis. But this is the true meaning of his art: with humble means he creates a world that is radically opposed to the ideas common in this capitalistic world. He uses “Das Bild” and its poetry to stop people in their tracks and hold their attention with the image of what he is trying to express. The social issues he wants to make visual are strong and make no concessions. He is one of the artists that we need to show now, since the financial crisis, because of their commitment to the community, their bravery and their boldness. The global community is misled by magazines like Vogue, Elle and many others, which lull us into a state of “illusion” as Walt Disney did so many years ago, and Viktor Jaenada tries to bring our feet firmly back to earth, rooting us in reality as communities have always functioned. He shows us the reality of living in this world, and his approach is honestly radical, which is also the way he lives his life, based on pure authenticity. Is it a disgrace for humankind, yes it is, and Viktor shows us this with real images and installations, not abstractions but reality itself, elements out of everybody’s daily life. It requires a lot of courage and sacrifice to make such art according to one’s principles, and is a testimony to his own attitude, his own desire to stand apart in this world and in today’s society. Brave, bold and authentic, Viktor is far from the clean commercial bourgeois art scene.
His images will prevail!

I also want to thank the institution that allows him to show what he has to say and show his penetrating work.